Julie Jelsma is an 18-year veteran bodyworker specializing in the soft tissue alignment of Structural Integration as well as the corrective and rehabilitative techniques of Myo-skeletal Release, Advanced Medical Massage and Neural Touch.

Known for her sensitive touch, exceptional instincts, and sound intuition, Julie has dramatically influenced the successful outcomes of individuals from ages 6 months to 103 years old to full recovery from the compensation patterns that cause pain and imbalance after stress, trauma, injury and surgery.

Julie is experienced in working with people who also want to optimize their physique through yoga, dance, sports and competition.  Many clients find that working with her and the transformational dynamic of having their fascia organized via Structural Integration provides exceptional physical advantages when complimented with training in their athletic discipline.

Julie’s bodywork education began in Boulder, CO where she graduated certified in Integrative Massage (2000) and Structural Integration (2001). The Western Slope beckoned however, and within a year of starting her bodywork career, she moved to the North Fork Valley where she had co-ownership of an organic fruit, vegetable and herb farm supplying fruits and vegetables to the area.

Later Julie moved her practice to Hotchkiss where it allowed more convenience to commuters from all the surrounding communities such as Delta, Eckert, Cedaredge, Crawford and Paonia. She remained there for almost a decade while also working at the Senior Community Care Eckert facility doing Medical Massage on the elderly for 5 1/2 years.  In 2016 she and her partner decided to move permanently to Grand Junction to enjoy the warmer temperatures and be close to family.

Julie has a tender heart for humanity’s challenges living in these physical bodies. Because of repetitive stress on the rise in the workplace, athletic pursuits pushing our bodies to new extremes, or just the incidence of accidents and surgeries increasing, working with a touch therapist, such as Julie, can be extremely helpful.    She has the ability to understand how to alleviate strain patterns in fascia, balance tension and slack in the muscles thus allowing joints to work more fluidly and bring the body back into a pain-free functioning state.  This talent and knowledge has led her to continue to enjoy positively influencing people’s lives through the transformational effects of Structural Integration.