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Leslie S. Kittel, MA, MM, LPCC, NCC, Splankna Prationer Trainee is excited to be a memeber of the Healing Horizons team of practitioners. A graduate from Colorado Christian University, Ms. Kittel is a firm believer of holistic health.  Within her practice, Ms. Kittel acknowledges the human body’s innate capability of healing itself from within – especially when a person integrates his or her mind, body, and spirit within the healing process.  A compassionate and empathetic Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Ms. Kittel is dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for people of all ages and walks of life, specializing in pediatrics, adolescents, and young adults.  A motivator and advocate, Ms. Kittel has the inherent ability to connect with people from all walks of life instilling hope and self-worth. As a psychodynamic therapist, she utilizes the creative arts and play therapy, as well as, existentialism, spirituality, mindfulness, and dialectical behavioral therapy within her practice.

Ms. Kittel has a great passion for youth and young adults and enjoys helping them incorporate/learn new life skills, while providing them with support, patience, encouragement, and unconditional positive regard.  It is her belief that all are truly persons of worth and value and that each has unique gifts to offer the world.

Ms. Kittel brings to her work a varied background which includes: a Master’s in Professional Counseling, as well as, a Master’s in Opera Performance; over 20-years-experience of working as a professional opera singer and artist; and over 20-years-experience of ministering to and mentoring youth.   As a professional singer/actress and former professional diver with the NCAA, Ms. Kittel is intimately familiar with performance anxiety and what it takes to balance a high-demanding career while maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends.

Ms. Kittel completed her Counseling Practicum and Internship with Karis, Inc. providing counseling to high-risk/homeless youth and young adults. While earning her second Master’s degree, Ms. Kittel worked as a substitute teacher attending primarily to young adolescents, specializing in Special Education and a variety of emotional and behavioral needs within the educational system. 

Ms. Kittel greatly enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, river-rafting, boating, camping, swimming, riding horses, four-wheeling, fishing, writing, and sitting around a bonfire.  In addition, she continues to enjoy performing opera, choral, and soloist works; writing poetry; painting; cooking; composing music; and playing the piano and her African Congo drum.

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