Megan Oberer, LMT, CST

Licensed Massage Therapist
Cranial Sacral Therapist

As a teenager, Megan trained seriously to become a professional ballet dancer. She studied in NYC at the School of American Ballet, and also attended the High School of Performing Arts. The many hours she trained daily established a strong body mind connection that remains with her to this day.

She carried this with her when she began having children, choosing natural childbirth. Her experiences were so rewarding she began to share her information with friends and family, which led to coaching women through their own birth process. She has had the honor and privilege of being present at a dozen births.

An accident involving a Mac truck running a red light, and T-boning her vehicle began unraveling her health over a period of several years. She became so unwell it was difficult to work consistently. Through alternative approaches (working with an acupuncturist, a functional medicine practitioner and a holistic dentist), Megan was able to regain her health. It took a village to discover what was causing her ongoing decline. She remains a firm believer in teamwork, and believes that most health issues benefit from a multi-factorial approach. Healing Horizons offers a similar approach to healing, and as a member of their collaborative team, brings resources to the client that Megan could never offer them alone.

Pursuing training as a Massage Therapist seemed like the logical next step; Megan had been seeing clients as an energy worker, utilizing Barbra Ann Brennan’s ideas and approach, when the state of Utah passed a law requiring a license to touch. She attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, which was founded and run by Norman Cohen, who trained with Ida Rolf. After graduating Megan started her own practice, and then began teaching at UCMT. She taught cranial sacral, reflexology, introduction to massage, and energy dynamics (a course she designed).

Megan has been a practicing licensed massage therapist for over 21 years. Her approach is integrative, using a variety of tools to assist each individual’s body to release congestion and find movement again. The modalities she uses are: therapeutic muscle work, fascia release, trigger point, cranial sacral, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, Swedish massage and energy balancing. She specializes in chronic pain, pre and post surgery, illness support, TMJ, neck pain, back pain, injuries, recovery, well-being, and athletic performance.